Aspen Condo Buildings

Real estate agents scramble to find any 0, 1, 2 or 3 bedroom condo in Aspen or Snowmass Village but that Aspen real estate market isn’t cooperating.

Property listings and real estate listings are like an undercooked steak- extremely rare. Prospective properties consumers do find, start out at square footage prices that exceed precious metals. An aspen condo just over 1,000 square feet lists for $4.995 million. A whopping $4,570 per square foot. The listing agent says it’s a “rare find.”

Apparently so, since there is only one other condo right now in Aspen and six in Snowmass. The other condo is also a 3 bedroom unit but the new construction sells for $9.5 million. Both are easy walking distance from going flat broke, eh?

Home buyers looking in Aspen have to get ready for sticker shock and few choices. No matter who you choose for your real estate broker, they all have the same incredibly low inventory to offer. The newest listings emboldened by recent huge dollar amount sales make every listing a “rare opportunity” The great opportunity to buy in Snowmasss Village is pretty much the same. Maybe slight variations in property size, amenities or price but home sales in Aspen, Colorado are driven by one thing in the Aspen Snowmass market: inventory shortages.

Aspen Condos – The One Thing That Matters – A for sale sign.

Few people are actually looking at specifics like living rooms, dining rooms, hot tub, high ceilings, what is a short walk away or how many parking slots this condo has. Whare is it? The location doesn’t mean much when there is only one or two to choose from. Whether it’s a central location, near golf courses, in downtown Aspen or Roaring Fork Valley, New homes, or like the current low price offering, built in 1965.

Local real estate experts today see little change in this unique mountain town. Past sales history is an ever-ascending chart. Every potential buyer is competing for the exact same thing and brokerage firms have nothing more to offer them. Real estate websites are trying to be unique but the number of bedrooms or hardwood floors doesn’t really matter. Just availability. The current listing status of everyone shows the condo real estate market to be in close proximity to zero.

Any condo for sale Aspen Colorado will already have lots of people looking and ready to outspend others to get it.

Did you want a south facing unit? Well, let’s take a look and see which way it’s facing.

Looking for common areas? We’ll see if it has any.

Is a higher property price going to hold you back? Then maybe don’t make an offer unless you’re prepared to modify it- upward.

Plan on buying an Aspen condo? First, get connected with a really good Aspen real estate broker and plan on a tumultuous journey.

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  • Aspen top floor condos - are the epitome of luxury mountain living. With expansive views of the Elk Mountains, these residences offer the perfect setting for relaxation and entertaining. The open floor plans and high-end finishes are just a few of the many features that make Aspen top floor condos so special.
  • Aspen Highlands - is a ski area in the western united states, located in Pitkin County, Colorado, just outside of Aspen. The area comprises three mountains: Daly Chute, Highland Bells Bowl, and Tiehack. Aspen Highlands offers a variety of terrain for all levels of skiers and snowboarders.
  • The Aspen Music Festival - is an American summer classical music festival founded in 1949 in Aspen, Colorado. It presents more than 400 classical and jazz concerts each summer and attracts over 80,000 attendees from around the world. The festival is broadcast live on local radio station KRMA 91.1 FM and streamed live on the internet.
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